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October 22nd 2021:


In the Romanian city of Târgu Cărbuneşti the oxygen system failed at the local hospital, apparently due to the system being overloaded as a result of the high number of COVID cases. Many patients were transferred to other hospitals, some being flown to Austria. Three patients have died due to lack of oxygen.


The fourth COVID-19 wave in Israel is apparently fading away, as the country is recording the lowest COVID-19 stats in months. However, the health establishment already has its eye on a possible fifth wave in the winter.


Based on data from the U.K., the newly discovered AY4.2 strain of Covid (Delta Plus) is likely to be 10% more contagious than the Delta strain. In Israel, the first reported case there was an 11-year-old boy who tested positive on his return from Moldova.


Industry chiefs around the world have a clear message: prices are only going higher. “We expect inflation to be higher next year than this year,” said Graeme Pitkethly, finance chief at Unilever. The supply chain crisis, which is fueling higher costs, is expected to last until the second quarter of 2022.


A tiny gem lost for 2,000 years in the ancient sewers of Jerusalem contains the first etching ever found of the balsam plant from which the Balm of Gilead was produced, experts from the Israel Archaeological Authority said Thursday.

October 21st 2021:


In Romania and Ukraine local hospitals have found themselves under intense pressure, as the two countries have been posting record numbers of Covid deaths this month.


Poland’s health minister, Adam Niedzielski, said on Wednesday the country had experienced an “explosion of the pandemic in the last two days” and warned the Covid situation was “becoming very serious”.


The U.K. health secretary says daily Covid cases could hit as high as 100,000. Sajid Javid said the government always knew that winter would bring problems and that Covid hospitalizations are already approaching 1,000 a day.


Moscow will go into a full lockdown if coronavirus infections continue to increase in the capital, a government order that was sent to businesses in the Russian capital on Wednesday said.


The Biden Administration is advancing talks with Saudi Arabia over the possibility of the Gulf state becoming the fifth signatory to the Abraham Accords. According to Israeli news outlet Walla! the Biden Administration raised the matter with Riyadh in a meeting last month between National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.


NATO defense ministers are set to agree a new master plan on Thursday to defend against any potential Russian attack on multiple fronts, focusing on the Black Sea region. (Romania and Bulgaria)