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Most recent updates:

26-May-2020 The World Health Organization has paused its trial of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 patients due to safety concerns after early results showed an increased death rate in those receiving the drug.

26-May-2020 “The worst is over.” That is the latest thinking on the coronavirus, not only regarding the direct effects of the virus, but related to the financial impacts as well. The biggest concerns now are for a second wave resulting from relaxed restrictions.

25-May-2020 Today’s statistics for Romania: Total infections, 18,283; new infections, 213, total deaths, 1,193; deaths today, 14. The number in ICU is 177.

25-May-2020 COVID-19 is finally taking a backseat, as today’s headlines are mostly about politics.

25-May-2020 The daily death toll in the U.S. continues to decrease, but the total is edging closer to the 100,000 mark.

25-May-2020 The CDC has revised the estimated fatality rate for COVID-19 to 0.26% which is much lower than previous estimates. The lower death rate is due to a higher rate of cases with no symptoms.

24-May-2020 Today’s statistics for Romania: Total infections, 18,070; new infections, 213, total deaths, 1,179; deaths today, 9. The number in ICU is 188.

24-May-2020 Israel is one of the most successful countries in dealing with the coronavirus. There were only 4 new cases reported in the past 24 hours. The recovery rate is more than 84% of the 17 thousand total cases, and the death rate is less than 1.7% of that total.