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27-Sep-2020 Latest Romanian statistics: 1,438 new cases, for a total of 122,673; 31 deaths for a total of 4,718; there are 535 ICU beds in use compared to 512 yesterday. This is a new record high for ICU. Another 12 cases were recorded in Maramures for a total of 1,958.

27-Sep-2020 As new cases around the world rise at an alarming rate, resistance to restrictions is growing even faster. Demonstrations were held across the globe in defiance of local regulations.

27-Sep-2020 A second surge of Covid-19 this fall and winter could be catastrophic for the U.S., but it’s not just more sick people that doctors worry about, it’s the financial impact. The very hospitals that treat lower-income patients could be forced to shut down or cut crucial services.

27-Sep-2020 Brazil continues to have the most cases in Latin America, with nearly 5 million, but the next five countries in the region have a combined total of 4.5 million cases, with Argentina having one of the highest rates globally in recent days.

27-Sep-2020 The State of New York topped 1,000 new virus cases for the first time since June. The single-day figure — in a state that has recently kept cases at low levels — comes as part of a nationwide uptick. In the last week, seven mostly Midwest states have reported record one-day rises in new infections.

26-Sep-2020 Latest Romanian statistics: 1,552 new cases, for a total of 121,235; 54 deaths for a total of 4,687; there are 512 ICU beds in use compared to 508 yesterday. Another 40 cases were recorded in Maramures for a total of 1,946.

26-Sep-2020 A trial of a new vaccine that appears to train the immune system to fight coronavirus has begun in the UK. Early tests showed the jab, developed by US biotechnology company Novavax, leads to high levels of virus-fighting antibodies being produced.

26-Sep-2020 Covid-19 cases in Israel have continued to rise despite the latest lockdown. A new record of more than 8,000 infections for a single day were recorded on Thursday in Israel, which has one of the highest rates of infections per capita in the world.

26-Sep-2020 The deaths of two million people with Covid-19 is “very likely” unless the world takes comprehensive action to curb the spread of the disease, a senior World Health Organization (WHO) expert has warned.

26-Sep-2020 This week’s report on coronavirus hotspots from Public Health England has a new analysis. It shows that the most common activity people recall doing before their coronavirus symptoms began is eating out. This has been true in other countries as well.

26-Sep-2020 Two of Canada’s most populous provinces have moved to impose further restrictions on social gatherings, as they seek to stem rising coronavirus infections.

26-Sep-2020 The rate at which the Covid-19 virus is spreading appears to be speeding up in the UK, with cases in England up 60% in the last week. Estimates of the “R” factor have increased to as high as 1.5 in recent days.


Statistics for Romania




New cases reached the highest level ever on September 23rd at 1,767. The highest number of deaths in a single day was 60, on September 1st. The number of ICU beds in use hit a record high of 535 on September 27th.


Total new cases in the past 7 days:  9,892 which continues to be sharply upward compared to the previous week, and in general.

Total cases for August were 37,058 compared to total July cases at 23,914 for an increase of more than 50%.


Total deaths in the past 7 days:  283 which is beginning to trend upward. With record high numbers in ICU the number of deaths will increase.

Total deaths for August were 1,207 compared to total July deaths at 763 for an increase of more than 60%.