Internet Volume 3 Study (IV3S)

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The next meeting will be
November 15th / November 16th.

The Songs in the Night for November 15th is: “Make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way. Hebrews 12:13


Volume III Study Thy Kingdom Come!



C151:2-153:1 (2) How did the transition of teaching authority from the nominal mass to the true wheat class correspond in both advents?


C152:2-153:1 (2) What were the corresponding parallels between the rejection of the nominal Jewish and Christian houses?


Wouldn’t the end of AD 69 be the parallel to the end of AD 1914?


C153:2 (1) How was Judaism a church-state union?


In what phase of the Millennial Kingdom will there be a church-state union?


How will that be assembled and operate?


C153:1 (1) Trace how the meaning and application of the name “Babylon” has changed over time.


C154:1-2 (2) Why was the sanctuary Class (wheat) allowed the become so polluted with error and tares?


What were some of the evidences of the casting off from all favor of the Babylonish systems in the 1878 time frame?