Internet Volume 3 Study (IV3S)

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January 24th / January 25th.

The Songs in the Night for January 24th is: “David went on and grew great, and the Lord God of hosts was with him.” 2 Samuel 5:10


Volume III Study Thy Kingdom Come!



Do the Jewish leaders still think their church-nation will fill the role of the Messiah?


C172:1-3 (3) What is the delusion Nominal Christian leadership is under that blinds them to recognition of the Lord’s return?


What do they claim as evidence supporting this deceptive claim?


C173:1-174:2 (4) What is the purpose of including these quotations at this point?


C174:3-175:2 (3) Where a country is predominately Christian, what are the connections and disconnections between the populous of “believers” and the national government and the effects of commerce?


C175:3 (1) What do the “Opium Wars” say about the collective Christian conscience of the “Christian” nations involved?