Internet Volume 3 Study (IV3S)

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The next meeting will be
August 9th / August 10th.

The Songs in the Night for August 9th is: “Remember Lot’s wife.” Luke 17:32


Volume III Study Thy Kingdom Come!


“The Harvest is the end of the age.” Matt. 13:39


C128:2 (1) What needed to be accomplished that necessitated the presence of our Lord 40 years prior to the ending of the Gentiles Times?


What still remains to be accomplished before the Mediatorial phase of the Kingdom can begin?


Why did the living members of his Church need to be tested at the time of his return?


C129:1 (1) What were the peculiar signs, that precede his coming and how do they confirm 1874 as the time of his presence?


How was the type of the promised Elias fulfilled as one of these signs? (Luke 1:17)


C129:2 (1) How does Dan 12:1 add further support for the timing of our Lord’s return?


C130:1 (1) Diagrams – Please highlight how these diagrams help you realize the value & focus of these various time prophecies.


C130:2 (1) Realizing at his end of the age, all that has come to pass, how should our faith and our hearts be affected? (2 Pet 3:11)