March 18th / March 19th, 2022

The Exceeding Great and Precious Promise for this week is: “The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure.” Deut. 28:12


AUDIO: 18-Mar-2022


Volume IV Study – The Battle of Armageddon


The Image of the Beast


Dix:2-x:1 (4)


The Church of England, like papacy, claims to have the original apostolic succession.


The Evangelical Alliance was declared unauthorized, powerless without apostolic succession.


Scriptures indicate that the Church of England will become intimate with the Evangelical Alliance and will give it apostolic authority to preach.


Scriptures indicate that the Image of the Beast (False Prophet) is to get power that it will do the same thing that the Roman Catholic Church did in the past.


Three Unclean Spirits Like Frogs


The spirit is a doctrine – an unclean doctrine – a false doctrine.


The prominent characteristics of a frog are pomposity, an air of superior wisdom, and a continual croaking.


These will foretell dire results to follow any failure to obey their counsels and that nothing ancient must be disturbed, or investigated, or repudiated.


xi:1-3 (3)


The Divine authority of the Church, and the Divine right of kings:


Persons or teachings in conflict with these boastful, unscriptural claims will be branded as vile, at the mouths of the frogs.


This frog-like spirit will approve of any violation of principle necessary to self-protection.


They urge, do not look behind to see where the kings got that right; do not question anything about the Church.


xii:1-2 (2)


Political, ecclesiastical and financial leaders all gather in fear change will cause disaster.
Yet their irrational behavior brings about the Battle of Armageddon.