Sunday Evening Study (SES)

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The next meeting will be September 27th.
The study will be one hour or so in
VOLUME 6 followed
by open discussion.



Volume VI  Chapter 16
Present Inheritance of the New Creation


(46) Summarizing, in what manner and for what things should we pray in order that we should not “ask amiss”? Page 685, par. 2


(47) What more could we ask respecting the Lord’s provision for the future glories and present joys of the New Creation! Page 686, par. 1


(48) What more could we think of or ask for on behalf of the world than God has already arranged? Page 686, par. 2


(49) Do any of the varying conditions which surround us limit our privileges of access to God in prayer? Page 686, par. 3


(50) What is our privilege of prayer for personal use? Page 687, par. 2


(51) What are the privileges and blessings of family prayer? Page 687, par. 2


(52) What are the blessings of prayer in the Church? Page 687, par. 3


(53) Why is it essential that every meeting of the Lord’s people for study and up-building should be opened and closed with prayer? Page 688, par. 1