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The next meeting will be October 20th.
The study will be one hour in
by open discussion.



The Volume VI Study will continue on October 27th.
Chapter 15
Foes and Besetments of the New Creation


Love Righteousness – Hate Iniquity


(62) How shall we understand the philosophy of God’s dealings with the New Creation in subjecting them to such peculiar and fiery trials? Page 642; Page 643, par. 1


(63) What illustration in nature may help us to understand God’s providential dealings with the New Creation, and what hope have we in the ultimate overthrow of evil when it has served the Divine purpose? Page 643, par. 2


(64) What special purpose have sin and sickness served in the case of the world, as well as in that of our Lord and His “little flock”? Page 644, par. 1


(65) Since the New Creation was typified by natural Israel in many respects, why should they not expect to be free from the trials and difficulties of the world, even as Israel escaped them? Page 645, par. 1


(66) What special consolation do the Scriptures offer New Creatures who suffer divers afflictions and fiery trials? Page 646, par. 1




The Revelation Study will continue on October 20th.

Topical Study — The Book of Revelation
Chapters 20

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