Sunday Evening Study (SES)

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 next meeting will be AUGUST 25th.
The study will be one hour in
VOLUME 6 followed
by open discussion for 30 minutes.



The Volume VI Study will continue on August 25th.
Chapter 15
Foes and Besetments of the New Creation


(52) How should the New Creation regard their mortal bodies, and what liberty have they with respect to using legitimate remedies for the relief or cure of disease? Page 634, par. 2; Page 635, par. 1


(53) In considering our Lord’s miracles, should we take the healed ones or the Healer as our pattern? Page 636, par. 1


(54) Would it have been right for our Lord to use His spiritual powers for His temporal needs? And must not the Church fallow in His steps in this respect? Page 636, par. 2; Page 637, par. 1


(55) What Scriptures are chiefly relied upon by faith-healers? And how are these misapplied? Page 637, par. 2; Page 638, par. 1


(56) To what power did the Pharisees attribute our Lord’s miracles, and what was His reply to them? Page 638, par. 1


(57) What was the chief object of miracles in the beginning of this Age, and why should we look with suspicion upon so-called miracles in the end of the age? Page 638, par. 3; Page 639, par. 1


(58) What is the sure test of all these delusions? Page 639, par. 2



The Revelation Study will continue on September 1st.

Topical Study — The Book of Revelation
Chapters 19 / 20

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