Sunday Evening Study (SES)

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The next meeting will be April 11th.
The study will be one hour in VOLUME 6 followed by
 open discussion.



Volume VI  Chapter 17
The Resurrection Inheritance of the New Creation


(39) Explain how Nero may be used as an illustration of those who will come forth to “shame and lasting contempt.” Page 716, par. 3, to Page 718, par. 1


(40) Will mankind be punished in the Millennial age for the sins of this life? If so, for what kind of sins? Page 718, par, 2; Page 719, par. 1


(41) Explain the meaning of the statement, “Some men’s sins go before to judgment, and some they follow after,” using Nero as an illustration. Page 719, par. 2; Page 720, par, 1


(42) Why is the resurrection of the Church designated “the First Resurrection”? And what two other classes will experience an instantaneous resurrection to perfect life? And what is the meaning of the statement, “The rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished”? (Rev. 20:5) Page 720, par. 2


(43) What are some of the characteristics of the First Resurrection? With what bodies and powers will the New Creation come forth? Page 721, par. 1,2


(44) How does the Apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 15 guard against the thought that all mankind shall eventually bear the image of the Heavenly Father? Page 722, par. 1


(45) What does the Apostle declare respecting “flesh and blood” inheriting the kingdom? Page 722, par. 2


(46) Is it difficult to fully grasp the thought of this complete change from fleshly to spiritual conditions? And how has the Apostle anticipated this difficulty in 1 Cor. 15:51,52? Page 723, par. 1


(47) Why has so plain a statement been so generally misunderstood? Page 723, par. 2